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Story of how Heealy came about


Heealy is a digital holistic health & wellness platform which inspires and educates the health conscious individuals on holistic health, natural healing, mental wellness, meditation, care-giving, and fitness, among many others.

The platform brings the community closer by providing an inclusive environment to discuss about health, wellness and fitness related topics.


The Covid-19 pandemic had presented to us a great lesson hard to forget. With no vaccines and medication to treat infected patients during the insurgence, the only way to survive the pandemic is our very own immunity. which many may have disregarded.

As physical and mental wellness are correlated, it’s imperative that we strive the right balance for a positive health & well-being so as to maximise our productivity and efficiency in our work and tasks.

“The trainers are professional & the digital sessions are effective in bringing change in my life. Thank you Heealy!”

Amy Hu, Manager

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Credible & certified practitioners & instructors to uplift your health & wellness.

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Michael Lim

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jo Sebastian

Jo Sebastian

Renee Tan

Renee Tan

Instructor in Stress Management & Corporate Motivation

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