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Dr Dimple Arora

Dr. Dimple Duangthip Arora (M.D.A.M) is a Doctor of Natural Medicine specializing in Advanced Ayurveda from India and Diet/Nutrition from London. She is a product innovator, writer, author and inspirational speaker.

Dr. Arora has authored 1 book to date, which has been translated into Thai. She is a visiting lecturer on Nutrition at the Assumption University, and a visiting consultant at various integrative health centres and spas, in Thailand and overseas. Her approach to health is preventive, while her healing modalities are both scientific and spiritual. With a proven track record since 2009, Dr. Arora has helped turned around the health and inspired thousands of individuals through her clinical practice, books, social media blogs, products, TV appearances, retreats and workshops, which are designed for both individuals and organizations (corporate wellness).

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