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Age-related memory impairment affects everyone! Studies have shown that our cognitive ability declines as early as age 25 and is most prevalent above age 65 (Gleitman H., 2011). Every 3 seconds globally, someone is diagnosed with dementia, and this can be debilitating (Alzheimer’s Disease International, 2021).

With the increasingly ageing population, it is imperative that we take charge of our cognitive health as early as now.

What is DISC?

DISC is a scientifically proven solution that delays cognitive decline in adults without medical intervention through dual-language gameplay.

It engages the neural and semantic memory of individuals through the use of multilingual touch-screen game that’s scientifically designed to improve verbal memory.


DISC has been tested on up to 240 older adults over the last four years. Backed with a high level of scientific evidence and a large number of elder-friendly features, DISC have proven to improve the verbal memory of adults, which in turns can delay the onset of cognitive decline.


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