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Everyone is looking for a way to improve their health status through diet and nutrition but find it challenging to understand what food or nutrients they should incorporate into their diet. There is excessive information on the internet about health and wellness which may cause confusion and may not be suitable for everyone.

This course incorporates videos, group discussions, and hands-on activities in its lesson plan to allow attendees to experience and understand the fundamentals of nutrition. 

This course will equip attendees to understand nutrition concepts better and apply them to their everyday life.


Course Outline

  • What is health?

  • What is nutrition?

  • Concepts of a healthy diet

  • Exploring the macro and micro-nutrients

  • How to fill your plate?


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a better understanding of Health and the role of nutrition

  • Develop the skills to plan out more balanced meals for health goals

  • Create nutrition related goals and strategies to reach them

Course Features

  • Lectures