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There are now a lot of photos and information on the Internet or social media, that shows and tells us how one should be dressed and look in society. This as a result can eventually make us feel like our bodies don’t fit in. Body image is complex but it goes more than just changing the way we view our body. It is all about acceptance and respect that we create for our body, regardless of the imperfections one may have.


This course may incorporate videos, group discussions, and hands-on activities in its lesson plan to allow attendees to experience and understand how to deal with their body image.

This course will equip attendees to develop skills and knowledge needed to understand what is body image, the factors affecting body image and coming to terms and accepting their body regardless of its imperfections.


Course Outline

  • What is body image?

  • What are the many factors affecting our body image? (diet culture, beauty standards, body-shaming)

  • Unlearning and understanding the concept behind diet culture

  • Body liberation vs body acceptance: Understanding what they are and its differences


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a better understanding of body image and what impacts our image perception of our bodies

  • Implement skills to practice body neutrality or body positivity and acceptance

  • Create tips to tackle bad body image days

Course Features

  • Lectures