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Health covers physical, mental and social well-being. Physical health tackles both nutrition and the movement of the body and is one of the most important element of being fit and healthy.


Goal-oriented work-outs could be made more efficient, whether it is for strength and muscle gain or weight loss.

This course may incorporate videos, group discussions, and hands-on activities in its lesson plan to allow attendees to experience ways to fuel their workouts to achieve their fitness goals.

This course will equip attendees to understand the importance of nutrition and how it helps to fuel everyday workouts.


Course Outline

  • Understanding the importance of nutrition for workouts

  • Incorporating the macronutrients in everyday meals.

  • Applying food nutrition types for different training styles (endurance, strength and muscle)

  • Developing a meal plan for pre, during and post-workout


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of food when you are active

  • Develop efficient fitness strategies to reach your health goals

  • Personalise your workout plans to build strength, gain muscle and to loose weight.

Course Features

  • Lectures