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Art therapy is the therapeutic use of art-making. Art therapy helps create awareness of self and others through the creation of art and reflection of the process of creating the art piece. Art therapy is a form of therapy that can be applied in conflict resolution, interpersonal skill development, behavioral management, stress reduction, self-esteem and self-awareness boosting.



  • Stimulate imagination and creativity through art work
  • Develop healthy coping skills and focus on tasks
  • Increase self esteem and confidence
  • Increase communication skills through expressive art
  • Ability to calm one’s emotions through art
  • Develop motor skills and physical co-ordination through art creation
  • Ability to develop social skills for personal growth and development
  • Develop self-discovery opportunities to uncover your strengths and potential



You will receive a digital certification for participation endorsed by Heealy for attending the course.

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