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Welcome to module 7 of Ayuervedic Prevention Power Course Level 1, where we will be learning about Breathing & energy vortices. If you would like to go for the full course. Head over to the courses section to purchase it there.

Course facilitator: Dr. Arora, Doctor of Natural Medicine (MDAM) with specialization in Advanced Ayurveda (IAA, Pune, India) and Nutrition (London). With more than a decade in clinical experience, Dr. Arora has designed customized metabolic harmony programs for many which have changed the course of their health. Now, she seeks to empower groups.

Dr. Arora has distilled theory and practical healthcare aspects of Ayurveda in this super-intensive power course which can give any enthusiast a firm foundation in self-health care on which to build on. It covers the THREE CORE PILLARS OF HEALTH namely:

– Metabolic Gut Health & Harmony through the right balance of nourishing and cleansing food – the key to a healthy liver and stronger immune system

– Movements & Breathwork to boost circulation of prana/life energy, oxygen, blood and nutrients to reach deep-seated cells and tissues, and for the effective release of toxins on a daily basis.

– Mindfulness, Releasing Emotional Stress and Relaxation: The key to rejuvenation is a relaxed yet aware mind. Introduction to Vedic science of consciousness and applications to a calmer mind.

Who can benefit from this course?

This is a basic level course suitable for any health enthusiast, age 18 plus. If you are a professional practitioner in alternative fields like Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Life Coaching, Doulas, Spa/Health Resort owner, Nutrition chef, etc., this course will help widen your horizons to integrate Ayurvedic principles. It is also recommended for mainstream medical professionals and healthcare providers to understand the scientific role of diet and herbs in prevention and first-aid cure.

“According to Ayurveda, if we eat, live and rest mindfully in harmony with our unique metabolic system, we can prevent diseases, and stay healthy with youthful energy until we die!

Course Features

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