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  • Understanding the importance of workout and nutrition to create a healthy lifestyle

  • Learning practical tools and strategies to build a long-term slimming plan to leverage your eating habits and workout

  • Discovering the benefits of replacing processing food by using natural ingredients such as spices and herbs to achieve better nutrition

  • Implementing an 80/20 rule in your nutritional plan to achieve a healthy slimming goal

  • Exploring effective weight loss and fat burning exercises for a slimmer and shapely body



  • Develop mindfulness in transforming your physical and mental wellness

  • Learn to break your bad habits and change your behavior to accomplish a healthy lifestyle

  • Learn to build a perfect diet and meal plan for your slimming plan

  • Be mindful and build a system of behaviors to achieve a slimming and healthier body

  • Design your slimming plan with the execution of cardio workout routine and a balanced nutrition



 You will receive a digital certification for participation endorsed by Heealy for attending the course.

Course Features

  • Lectures